June 2023 Mining Stats: Bitcoin Hashrate and Difficulty Reach New Peaks While Revenue Lags

Over the past 30 days, bitcoin miners discovered 4,324 block rewards during the month of June, with approximately 37 mining pools dedicating hashrate to the blockchain. The blockchain achieved two milestones in June, as the network reached an all-time high in hashrate on June 11, and three days later, on June 14, the mining difficulty also reached a new peak.

While Miners Accrued 27,025 Fresh Bitcoin in June, Mining Difficulty Tapped an All-Time High

Bitcoin miners, over the past 2,016 blocks, have recorded an average hashrate of approximately 359 exahash per second (EH/s). On Saturday, July 1, 2023, the current hashrate is roughly 335.71 EH/s, with 37 mining pools dedicating hashpower to the Bitcoin chain.

30-day bitcoin mining pool distribution according to btc.com statistics.

Foundry USA is the top mining pool on Saturday, and it also held the top position during the previous month. Statistics indicate that throughout June, mining pools discovered 4,324 block rewards, with Foundry finding 1,404 of them.

Foundry’s metrics in June indicate that the pool accounted for 32.47% of the global hashrate. Antpool claimed the second position in June, discovering 923 blocks during the month and capturing a 21.35% share of the total hashrate.

Following closely were F2pool (593 blocks), Binance Pool (382 blocks), and Viabtc (373 blocks), together accounting for 31.17% of the global hashrate. A total of 16 mining pools generated at least 1 exahash or more of global hashpower on July 1.

Bitcoin difficulty over time according to btc.com.

In June, the Bitcoin blockchain experienced two difficulty retargets. On June 14, at block height 794,304, there was a 2.18% increase, and on June 28, at block height 796,320, a 3.26% decrease occurred.

The June 14 increase brought the difficulty to an all-time high (ATH) of 52.35 trillion, while the subsequent decrease two weeks later reduced it to the current 50.65 trillion. Although the difficulty ATH was a significant milestone, Bitcoin’s total hashrate reached an ATH of 516.61 EH/s on June 11, 2023, at block height 793,868.

Currently, the next difficulty change is scheduled to occur on or around July 13, 2023, and the next block reward halving is just over 43,000 blocks away. Bitcoin’s halving is expected to take place on or around April 21, 2024, reducing the block reward from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC.

As of the time of writing, at block height 796,756, miners are projected to discover approximately 270,275 BTC before the halving. Amid the upcoming block reward halving, which will halve an operation’s mining revenue, bitcoin mining statistics from theminermag.com indicate that the amount of BTC produced per day by a single EH/s of operating hashrate has steadily declined since January 2022.

The amount of BTC that one EH/s of operating hashrate should produce each day in a month, according to theminermag.com.

In January of last year, miners earned 5.1 BTC per day, but the current statistics show a decrease to 2.6 BTC. In June, the figure remained at 2.6 BTC, while May recorded 3 BTC, surpassing April’s daily rate of 2.7 BTC for one EH/s.