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BEVM Unveils Groundbreaking Taproot Consensus for Decentralized Bitcoin Layer 2 Solution

Cardiff, 英国, May 26th, 2024, Chainwire   On May 20, 2024, the Bitcoin Layer2 development team BEVM released the technical yellow paper titled “Taproot Consensus: A Decentralized BTC Layer2 Solution.” This paper details the implementation of Taproot Consensus, leveraging native Bitcoin technologies such as Schnorr signatures, MAST, and Bitcoin SPV nodes to

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Mintlayer partners with Salus to boost Bitcoin with ZK-powered Thunder Network

Less than a month after partnering with Coinbase-backed Portal in a major push for Bitcoin-based DeFi, Mintlayer has inked another partnership to enhance Bitcoin with L3 ZK-based Thunder Network. Today, Mintlayer announced it has joined forces with Salus, a research and security company renowned for its expertise in zero-knowledge (ZK) technology,  to develop the

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