Horizen Launches Horizen EON Mainnet to Usher in a New Era of Multi-Chain innovation

Just four months after partnering with Auros to boost liquidity for its EVM-compatible smart contract platform EON, Horizen, a leading layer-0 public blockchain, announces more exciting developments.

Before now, Horizen’s EON operated on its permanent public testnet, Gobi, which is supported by various products, integrations, and tools, including Auros. Now, a big change is here.

Today, Horizen unveiled the official mainnet launch of Horizen EON, its fully EVM-compatible smart contracting sidechain platform. Developed and powered by Horizen, Horizen EON is positioned to play a pivotal role in the web3 revolution. With the Web3 user base expected to reach billions of users in years to come, Horizen is laying the groundwork necessary to support this user growth.

Its long-term objective is to provide a leading solution to drive the industry forward, offering a permissionless, interoperable, and customizable multi-chain network. EON marks the first of many smart contracting sidechains on Horizen that will usher in the next generation of builders and users into the web3 economy.

Benefits of Building on Horizen EON

Horizen EON (Ethereum Open Network) is a scalable blockchain platform designed for efficient and diverse dApp development. This makes it easy for developers to deploy their existing Ethereum-based dApps on Horizen EON. It seamlessly integrates with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, harnessing Ethereum’s extensive resources and community support to facilitate the easy deployment of dApps on the Horizen platform.

While Ethereum has been instrumental in promoting DeFi ecosystems and smart contracts, Horizen has been diligently working on its ZK-powered cross-chain protocol and horizontal scaling solution known as Zendoo. This innovation allows for broader blockchain technology adoption while offering full protocol-level customization.

With the introduction of Horizen EON, the Horizen ecosystem now provides even more opportunities for the efficient development and use of a wide range of dApps and services, further enhancing its rapidly expanding ecosystem.

Horizen EON is optimized for streamlined and diverse dApps development and offers a number of features that make it a great choice for developers, including scalability, security, interoperability, and customization. With the addition of Horizen EON, Horizen now offers a complete ecosystem for dApps development. Horizen EON opens up new opportunities for developers to build and deploy efficient and scalable dApps.

Horizen EON: Empowering the Next Generation of Web3 Developers

The launch of Horizen EON is just the beginning. Horizen EON aims to continue its mission of empowering the next generation of Web3 developers, individuals with a passion for pioneering innovative web3 products. However, they often face significant hurdles when working within the constraints of existing chains. These obstacles include limited tooling, network congestion, centralization, and insufficient growth support.

Horizen EON is on a mission to create a thriving ecosystem tailored to visionaries who seek to disrupt the status quo. To achieve this, it offers top-notch launch and growth support, including:

  • Comprehensive tooling to ensure smooth integrations and dApp deployment.
  • Assistance with business development.
  • Access to liquidity, grants, and more.

In addition, Horizen EON aims to become the central hub for consumer dApps that bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. This ambitious objective is underpinned by EON’s hands-on approach to crafting an ecosystem that caters to everyday users. The EON platform not only provides the necessary technical infrastructure but also fosters a supportive environment for developers. This includes product support and incubation services to nurture their projects.

The Beginning of Vibrant Era for Horizen Ecosystem with Protocol Integrations and Partnerships

Horizen EON is an ecosystem that embraces core values like transparency, accountability, security, community engagement, growth, and social responsibility. It offers a wide range of protocols and dApps, creating a vibrant environment for users from day one. This ecosystem includes various integrations, partners, and supporters in the form of developer tools, bridges, DeFi protocols, liquidity providers, and infrastructure essentials. Notable integrations and supporters include LayerZero, Tatum, Pyth, Band Protocol, Ankr, Third Web, Stably, with more forthcoming partners like SpookySwap, Chainalysis, and Granary.

Join the Web3 Revolution

Horizen EON believes in enhancing the Web2 experience to drive Web3 adoption. Instead of reinventing the wheel, they aim to optimize it, seamlessly integrating Web3 features like tokenization, authentication, and interoperability into user-centric applications across different verticals.

They invite developers, innovators, and users to join the Horizen EON ecosystem and work together to promote mainstream adoption of Web3 technologies, create a more connected multi-chain world, and develop solutions that cater to users at every stage of their Web3 journey. It’s an inclusive approach to driving the Web3 revolution.

Founded two years ago, Horizen is a layer 0 public blockchain that empowers a network of blockchains operating on zero-knowledge principles. This is made possible through its extensive node system and the highly scalable cross-chain protocol known as Zendoo. Horizen provides developers with tools to build custom private or public blockchains and dApps, offering unparalleled flexibility. EON, as a sidechain of Horizen, is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Developers who choose to build on the Horizen platform have the freedom to fully customize their blockchains, including consensus mechanisms, transaction speeds, privacy features, and crypto-economic models. Furthermore, blockchains built on Horizen can achieve high throughput while maintaining a decentralized network structure.