TuMeke secures $10 million in Series A funding led by Intel Capital to eliminate work-related muscle injuries

In 2020, the private sector saw a total of 247,620 workplace injuries or illnesses related to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that led to days away from work, according to a report from the National Safety Council. MSDs, often termed “ergonomic injuries,” include a range of related injuries. These typically occur when workers engage in tasks that involve awkward positions or repetitive activities, using muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Over time, these actions can lead to pain and injury.

However, ensuring the safety of workers should be a top priority, and that’s why the computer vision startup TuMeke is on a mission to eradicate musculoskeletal injuries through its advanced ergonomic risk assessment platform that automatically assesses injury risk in manufacturing facilities and workplaces.

In a significant step towards its mission, TuMeke announced today it has secured $10 million in Series A funding led by Intel Capital. This funding will enable the expansion and scaling of its team of engineers, ergonomists, and academics.

Founded by CEO Zach Noland, Riley Noland, and Diwakar Ganesan, TuMeke is a next-gen platform designed to assess ergonomic risks. The team behind TuMeke is dedicated to enhancing the safety and sustainability of work environments cost-effectively.

“Workplace musculoskeletal injuries are commonplace across industries, but keeping your workers safe should be a non-negotiable,” said Riley Noland, co-founder of TuMeke. “We created TuMeke to arm businesses with a tool that efficiently, affordably, and ethically improves the safety of employees.”

Computer vision joint tracking for ergonomic assessments

TuMeke aims to simplify and economize workplace safety. Without their platform, safety staff must spend countless hours filling out cumbersome forms. However, with TuMeke, safety staff can capture a video on their smartphone to swiftly identify job risks. Their AI system merges top-notch computer vision and ergonomics to aid in job redesign or worker retraining. Notably, the TuMeke software is integrated into a phone app, eliminating the need for additional equipment, cameras, or exoskeletons.

The advanced computer vision of TuMeke allows for seamless safety measures without disrupting production, positioning the platform as a staple in the US workers’ compensation insurance industry and among major global industrial firms.

Zach Noland, another co-founder, highlighted, “By using AI and computer vision, we’re able to surface concerns and suggest corrections quickly, saving time and, more importantly, keeping workers safe.”

TuMeke’s suite of products accelerates ergonomic risk assessment by twelve times compared to traditional methods, aligning with their goal of eradicating workplace musculoskeletal injuries.

Mark Rostick, Vice President and Senior Managing Director at Intel Capital praised TuMeke’s swift progress, noting, “Their digitally precise technology helps organizations maximize the ROI of safety investments and has proven its ability to make occupational environments safer and more efficient.”

TuMeke has become a crucial ally in manufacturing, supporting industry giants like AF Group, Chemtrade Logistics, Sentry Insurance, and others in prioritizing ergonomic safety and fostering a resilient workforce. The platform’s emphasis on employee health and user-friendly technology has made it an effective tool for swift and accurate ergonomic risk assessments.

Colin Welch, EHS Director at Chemtrade Logistics, praised TuMeke’s impact on their safety program and work culture, stating, “It has not only improved our health and safety program by helping us identify and reduce ergonomic hazards but also increased employee engagement by creating a positive and supportive work culture.”

TuMeke doesn’t just address immediate ergonomic concerns; it also aids in devising long-term safety strategies and integrating employee well-being into daily operations. The Series A funding will facilitate TuMeke’s ongoing growth and the introduction of new features to bolster EHS teams and enhance workplace safety.

Diwakar Ganesan, co-founder of TuMeke, emphasized their commitment to using AI for positive outcomes and improving employee safety with consent and human-in-the-loop AI technology. “Our users say that employees for the first time are excited about safety training sessions and actively want to see how they can improve long-term health outcomes,” Ganesan said.