The Spy-Fy iPhone case wants to protect your privacy

The Spy-Fy iPhone privacy case comes in four colors for an added sense of style.

For those who worry that Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and hackers are watching them through their iPhone cameras, say hello to Spy-Fy. The Spy-Fy iPhone case was designed to cover your cameras when not in use in order to protect your privacy from potential camera hacking.

The Spy-Fy case is a fairly simple design which uses shutter covers to block the lens of your iPhone cameras. The company built these shutters into both the front and back of their new case. Now, the first question that came to my mind is. What about Face ID? Well, it seems that by blocking one camera on the front and leaving the infrared camera uncovered, Face ID still works.


The company even left an opening for the flash, in case you need to use the flashlight feature. This means you won’t have to slide the shutter to gain access to the flashlight. However, you will need to slide the shutter to gain access to your cameras, should you want to take a photo. It’s pretty simple, just slide the shutter, take the photo, and slide the shutter closed again.

This is really a simple design, we’re sure it’s probably not for everyone but for those who are paranoid about camera hacking, it’s certainly something to consider.

The company is even working on Spy-Fy cases for Samsung’s Galaxy phones, Google’s Pixel phones, and the OnePlus phones. The company is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and has raised US$13K of their US$23K goal.

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