Ten jobs artificial intelligence is coming for

Artificial intelligence is the current future tech that is being pushed and pushed hard. Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphones have integrated artificial intelligence, and the company’s televisions have been using artificial intelligence in its picture engines. The new batches of PCs are all coming with some form of AI integration, and smart home technology has been using AI for several years.

So artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t a new concept, we’ve been using it in many forms for several years, but times are changing. Artificial intelligence has gotten better, smarter, and easier to use, and that means it will be showing up in more products and start performing tasks that were once done by human operators.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), these are ten of the first jobs that are most likely going to be taken over. In some cases, some companies are already using AI for many of the core functions of each of these jobs.


Artificial intelligence Job Takeover

Ten jobs artificial intelligence is coming for feature techaeris
  1. Customer service representatives — AI chatbots are already taking over this job, providing 24/7 assistance and answering customer inquiries. Though, their reliability is in question.
  2. Data entry clerks — AI can process and analyze vast amounts of data, making this job nearly obsolete for humans.
  3. Truck drivers — Self-driving trucks are on the rise, and they don’t need coffee breaks or bathroom stops. Though it does remain to be seen how these trucks will function on long-haul rural trips where self-driving is less common.
  4. Bookkeepers and data capturing — AI can automate these tasks, leaving humans free to do more interesting work.
  5. Receptionists — AI can handle scheduling, answering phone calls, and greeting visitors, making this job less necessary.
  6. Proofreaders — AI can already catch spelling and grammar errors, so it’s only a matter of time before they take over this job.
  7. Manufacturing and pharmaceutical workers — AI-powered robots can work faster and more efficiently than humans in these industries. Robots have been used for decades, though, they will be further enhanced by AI.
  8. Retail workers — With the rise of online shopping and self-checkout kiosks, this job is becoming less common. Though some stores in smaller towns and cities have seen a return to human cashiers.
  9. Courier service workers — AI-powered drones and self-driving delivery vehicles are already being tested and could soon take over this job, at least in large cities. Rural areas may still maintain a human workforce.
  10. Market research analysts — AI can analyze data and provide insights, making this job less necessary.

This is just a short list of potential job positions that AI might take over. This won’t happen overnight, there will still be some companies, smaller ones, that might continue to use humans for these jobs. But, if things continue as they are, most of these jobs will be AI controlled within the next few years.