ScanWatch Nova offers health scanning and tracking in luxury diver-style design

Withings, the inventor of the first hybrid smartwatch, is back with the ScanWatch Nova that offers health scanning and tracking with a luxury diver-style design.

As with many of Withings’ hybrid smartwatches before it, the ScanWatch Nova tracks health metrics and activity while retaining a classic watch look and feel. The metrics tracked by the latest smartwatch from the company include on-demand electrocardiogram, SpO2, body temperature 24/7, advanced activity tracking, and in-depth sleep analysis. Where it differs, however, is with the luxury diver-style watch design, constructed of stainless steel, ceramic, and sapphire glass.

“ScanWatch Nova offers advanced health-tracking capabilities and is packed full of technology to make continuous measurements autonomous and effortless with an extraordinary 30-day battery. The splendid timepiece imperceptibly embeds a powerful health scan, with all the cutting-edge innovations to enhance your health, wrapped in a stylish aesthetic inspired by the timeless tradition of diver-style watchmaking.”

Etienne Trégaro, Product Manager at Withings.

The Withings ScanWatch Nova hybrid luxury smartwatch is available with three different face colours
The Withings ScanWatch Nova hybrid luxury smartwatch is available with three different face colours.

Key features of the ScanWatch Nova, as provided by Withings, include:

  • On-demand medical-grade electrocardiogram: ScanWatch Nova performs an on-demand medical-grade electrocardiogram to detect potential heart anomalies at any time, such as atrial fibrillation, which is one of the most prevalent forms of arrhythmias characterized by irregular heart rhythms.
  • May indicate the onset of an illness: ScanWatch Nova provides baseline fluctuations of day and night body temperature, which may indicate the onset of an illness or other health condition, as well as boosts the ability to manage performance and recovery through workout temperature variation zones.
  • Assess part of the respiratory system: With ScanWatch Nova, gain peace of mind with on-demand blood oxygen (SpO2 ), plus track overnight breathing disturbances as well as average blood oxygen during sleep.
  • Help achieve more restful sleep by tracking sleep quality and receiving advice for improvement.
  • Boost your activity with seamless tracking: ScanWatch Nova can track parameters such as steps, calories, elevation, workout routes (via in-app connected GPS) and can automatically recognize more than 40 daily activities such as walking, running, swimming, and cycling.
  • Luxurious diver watch aesthetics: This jewel of innovation has been crafted with excellence and an extreme attention to details.
  • Phenomenal battery life: ScanWatch Nova boasts the iconic Withings 30-day battery life that enables users to rely on it for continuous health tracking without frequent recharging.
  • Leading-edge technology: Utilizing MultiWave PPG sensors and HealthSenseTM – Withings’ proprietary operating system, ScanWatch Nova can track advanced cardiovascular vitals, including heart rate, heart rate variability , and ECG.

The ScanWatch Nova is available from Withings with an MSRP of $599.95.