Samsung is encouraging Galaxy Note loyalists to release their grip and embrace the S24 Ultra

I remember the first Galaxy Note fondly. It was the first big screen smartphone I owned, and my friends and family made fun of me for it. Now, many years later, the same friends and family are using smartphones much larger than the Galaxy Note originally was.

The Galaxy Note community grew like wildfire when the phablet debuted, and it has remained a tight nit community since. The very last Galaxy Note series was the 20 Series, with the top of the line Note being the Ultra. Because Samsung started moving into foldables, the company decided to merge the Galaxy S line and Galaxy Note lines together, making the top of the line Galaxy S, essentially a Note.

Samsung is encouraging Galaxy Note loyalists to release their grip and embrace the S24 Ultra

While most of us have been OK with this move, the core Note owners are still not thrilled with the move. There are many users still using and holding on to those Samsung Galaxy Note 20s, and Samsung is trying to encourage them to loosen their grip and embrace the S24 Ultra.

Samsung says, “Now, “with the release of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, there’s never been more or better reasons to upgrade those trustworthy devices. Every part of the Note experience has been upgraded in the S24 Ultra: the built-in S Pen, the screen, the camera and zoom experience, and the blazing speeds1 that supercharge your gaming experience and make you more productive when working with Samsung Notes or other apps. And the latest deals make now an ideal time to get one.”

The company gives Note users five reasons to upgrade, you can read them more in depth here, but this is the list.

  • Upgrades to the S Pen and display that complement each other.
  • Note Assist boosts your productivity with Samsung Notes.
  • An intelligent camera system that makes your photos even better.
  • Faster hardware that makes gaming—and everything else—better.
  • For the first time on Galaxy, an AI experience front and center.