Roland GO: LIVECAST offers pro-live-stream production from your smartphone

The GO:LIVECAST is a hardware/app combo that allows the user to create engaging web content without having to rely on the use of a computer.

We have seen many advancements in music and technology over the years and it comes as no surprise that innovative products are steadily rolling out at the turn of the new century. One such device comes from Roland.

As you may know, every January music enthusiasts from all around the world gather in California to attend the largest music trade event in the world, the NAMM show. The vast majority of new music gear and technologies are introduced during this event, and this year is no exception.

Just a week before NAMM, Roland announced the release of their new and exciting GO:LIVECAST, a product specifically created for live-streaming video content to online platforms directly from one’s smartphone.

Over the last 10 years, we have seen a surge in the number of vloggers and digital content creators on the internet. Vlogging and live-streaming is now part and parcel of our everyday life and everyone has a favorite content creator whether it’s a make-up artist, a cooking channel or a bedroom producer/musician.

Described as a “live streaming studio for smartphones”, the GO:LIVECAST is a hardware/app combo that allows the user to create engaging web content without having to rely on the use of a computer. You simply need your hardware, its companion app, and your smartphone and you’re good to go.

Features and specifications include:

  • Weight: 180g (without cables)
  • Dimensions: 107 x 138 x 53mm
  • Connectors: MIC jack: XLR, ¼ inch TRS phone, phantom power DC 48V, 6mA max LINE IN jack: 3.5mm Headphone Jack: 3.5mm
  • Controller: MIC knob PAD knob LINE IN knob HEADPHONE knob

The Nitty-Gritty

The GO:LIVECAST is a plug and play device so you don’t have to be the most tech-savvy person in the world to be able to produce stunning live streams, all you need is your GO:LIVECAST, the companion app, and your smartphone. With these three things, you’re more than ready to live-stream high-quality content without compromising your audio and visual quality.

There is a built-in microphone to capture audio, although users may also make use of external mics as there is an XLR input. Other sound sources are also supported thanks to the stereo line input. This means you can connect your mic and your guitar to the GO:LIVECAST at the same time and treat your viewers to a live-stream with fantastic audio quality.

Technology is meant to make our lives easier and the GO:LIVECAST companion app does just that as it allows you to directly connect to various streaming platforms including Facebook Live, Twitch and YouTube from the app. The app also lets you view comments as you live-stream so that you can further engage with your viewers.

There are quick-access buttons on the GO:LIVECAST that allow you to insert pre-recorded audio as well as access the external microphone. Adding pre-recorded audio on a live-stream usually takes some planning out and would require a certain degree of technical ‘know-how’, but this is all simplified thanks to the simple touch of a button.

Roland GO:LIVECAST live-stream

A rather exciting feature of the GO:LIVECAST is the ability to connect a second smartphone over WiFi and switch between cameras. Ordinarily one would require rather pricey equipment in order to achieve this but Roland takes the fuss out of it so you can focus on what matters, creating great live-streams.

Many content creators have spent countless hours mastering various programs and media tools in order to be able to create and produce their content. With the GO:LIVECAST users needn’t rely on years of experience as it includes media tools that are straightforward to use and allow for the creation of quality content. Users can create libraries that fit their individual needs when it comes to sound effects, photos, music, and even videos. The usability is fantastic as you can store different media elements for different web shows in ‘Live Sets’ that are readily available for quick access.

The design of the GO:LIVECAST is contemporary and is nice and sleek to look at. The white color is eye-catching and will be sure to turn heads from curious onlookers. What’s more is that it only weighs 180g, which makes it extremely portable! Lugging around tones of gear can be quite annoying but this takes care of the problem.

Roland’s latest offering is a welcomed addition as it takes down many barriers when it comes to digital content creation. You no longer need dedicated A/V gear, and we all know how costly that can be. Music technology is constantly growing and evolving to provide creatives with cost-effective options when it comes to hardware.

Live-streaming and Technology

Some live-streamers make upwards of $3000 per month from their viewers and subscribers. A handful of years ago that would have been an unbelievable dream for most. An article recently published by The Verge showed that the live-streaming industry grew by 12% from 2018 – 2019 and there is real potential for live-streaming to go mainstream. The surge in the number of live streamers has definitely been influenced by access to technology, equipment, and resources.

The increase of viewership highlights how this generation uses technology, more people are turning to live-streaming as their primary source of entertainment as opposed to traditional models of entertainment such as television. Major brands and companies are paying attention to these statistics and they are doing all they can in order to keep up with these trends and capitalize. YouTube recently signed three top live-stream gamers from their rival Twitch, and even clothing brands are increasingly using live-streaming as a way to engage with their customers and stay relevant.

Wrap Up

All in all, we are big fans of the Roland GO:LIVECAST due to its plug and play simplicity, ease of use, connectivity options and portability. I personally tend to live-stream my band’s shows and live performances and I intend on investing in one of these to ensure our fans get the best live-streaming quality that we can offer them. Available for $250, the is a definite must-have for all live-streamers looking to create quality content on the go without breaking the bank.

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