MYXfitness is carving out a place in the at-home digital fitness space

MYXfitness’s closest competitor is Peloton, which comes in at a much higher cost and does not offer nearly as much as MYXfitness.

I admit it, I’m nowhere near as fit as I should be. Part of my not being fit is the lack of time to actually go to the gym, part of it is being lazy. Hey, at least I admit to it. At-home fitness isn’t anything new but in this new digital age, some companies are trying to reshape the space. MYXfitness is one of those companies and they are carving a place in the at-home digital fitness space.

The company has just launched its at-home fitness equipment and on-demand digital classes. This means MYXfitness sells you the necessary fitness equipment as well as offers up digital workouts for a wide variety of user levels and needs. The company offers up hundreds of classes ranging from cycling, HIIT, cardio dance and barre to yoga, mindful movement, meditation and everything in between.

MYXfitness says its programs are designed to improve endurance, strength, mobility, and flexibility, with the science-backed methods of heart rate zone training and cross-training, rooted in positive psychology to deliver lasting results.

“The personal wellness and at-home fitness industries are booming, yet Americans’ mental and physical health are on the decline. For many people, the market’s current offerings don’t suit their needs and lifestyles—MYXfitness hopes to fix that,” said Heberto Calves, President of MYXfitness. “Using science-backed methods and positive psychology for a personalized, holistic approach, MYXfitness hopes to close this gap and transform the fitness landscape, offering users a safer, healthier and smarter platform to achieve their wellness goals.”

MYXfitness is trying something new to keep the monotony out of your workout and out of your home. Rather than focusing on repetitive exercises—like cycling, running or rowing—which increases the likelihood of overuse injuries, MYXfitness provides users with strategic recommendations to mix up their workouts, infusing cardio, stretching, strength and foam rolling.

The company also helps keep track of your workouts by tracking your progress through a proprietary ‘MYX Score,’ calculated off a user’s heart rate, age and current level of fitness. Rather than trying to climb an arbitrary leaderboard, MYX Scores provide a uniquely rich and personal snapshot of one’s success and progress over time.

Each MYXfitness workout is produced to deliver the benefits of a one-to-one session. The sessions are led by an expert coach, who not only demonstrates proper technique but also provides emotional support and guidance to keep users engaged and in an optimal mindset for not only their workout but to take on the challenges of life. MYXfitness offers two package options priced at $1,199 and $1,499, which can be financed for $34 and $42 per month, respectively, with 0% interest for 36 months.

Both packages offer a commercial-grade Star Trac Stationary Bike Trainer, a 21.5″ interactive tablet and a Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor. The MYX Plus package also includes three sets of SPRI dumbbells, a kettlebell, a resistance band, a GAIAM 24″ foam roller and two mats, providing everything needed for a holistic at-home workout. Access to MYXfitness’ growing library of on-demand classes is $29 per month.

MYXfitness’s closest competitor is Peloton, which comes in at a much higher cost and does not offer nearly as much as MYXfitness. Just check out the comparison chart the company has on its website:

MYXfitness home excercise equipment
MYXfitness compared to Peloton

The price isn’t cheap, but it is cheaper than Peloton and if you’re doing regular workouts and paying a monthly gym fee along with transportation costs, well, it might actually save you money. The company is currently accepting pre-orders for both packages with delivery slated for early January. Check out the MYXfitness website for more information.