Managing a large network of computers — a quick look

Access to all computers on a network allows you to send out any software you need to download all at once.

Keeping your inventory organized and secure is important for any business. No matter the size of your business, if you host a multitude of computers on your network, keeping an eye on them and monitoring them can be pivotal. Online tools provide software that will keep your network organized and easy to manage from one location.

Access to all computers on a network allows you to send out any software you need to download all at once. This prevents you from having to manually download something onto hundreds of computers.

Network Inventory Management

So, what exactly is network inventory management? This is the process of keeping track of all of the tech that makes up your network. This could include all of the computers you need to gain access to within your business. The purpose of inventory management is to organize your network into one folder where you can access, alter, scan, or do anything necessary to keep your network functioning as it should.

How to Manage Your Network

Online tools can help keep your network organized and managed properly. They offer services that will scan your network and all components of it, as well as report and record the activity of each asset. Once you find the perfect network management software for your company, you can begin managing and organizing your network inventory to make your company more productive.

Keeping the inventory organized is important and will allow for ease of access to all assets on the network. One of the best programs online that will assist in this process is Total Network Inventory 4. The latest installment on their software, TNI 4 will help make the most of your network inventory management.


This is software that is available online and built and managed by Total Network Inventory. This company specializes in organizing and allowing companies to keep better track of their network inventories. The software comes with many features that make network organization possible and easy – computer scanning, network audit databases, flexible reporting processes, easy software, and a visualized network for you to understand.

With TNI 4, you can organize your network into groups based on a given feature, and even separate them into subcategories. TNI 4 allows you to scan any selected computer for the purpose of discovering malicious activity or viruses. Once scanned, each device is stored in a network folder on your computer for later access or protective purposes.

Once you’ve audited the selected computers, TNI 4 allows you to create an active and understandable spreadsheet of the recorded data. The processor will take the input information from your network and organize it into a comprehensive and detailed record. This will give you a ready to view and print record of all of your network assets.

TNI 4 allows for remote access to all of the stored information as well, meaning you will have access to all comprehensive inventory lists and scanned features. Software deployment is available as well, which allows administrators to distribute any downloads of software to all computers in the network. With TNI 4, this can be done without disturbing the users of the other networks.