Malta: A Haven for Digital Nomads and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Businesses globally are acknowledging the fact that remote working has become rapidly mainstream, prompting many countries to cater to the growing tribe of digital nomads. Malta, at the forefront of this movement in Europe, has successfully adapted to this shift in trends. Following a significant influx of remote workers from fellow EU countries, the Nomad Residence Permit extends this possibility to non-EU nationals to live in Malta for a temporary extended period while working remotely.

A Gateway to Island Living

Since its launch in June 2021, the Nomad Residence Permit has garnered nearly a thousand applications from non-EU digital nomads, making Malta an appealing destination for those seeking a temporary extended stay while working remotely. The permit, managed by Residency Malta, has seen a diverse group of beneficiaries from diverse countries across the globe with a significant percentage from the UK, the US and China, who work in industries ranging from IT and finance to marketing and education.

With an average age of 37, tertiary education, and a median annual salary of €74,000, these nomads are not just working remotely; they’re immersing themselves in Malta’s rich history, its cultural scene, and its Mediterranean island lifestyle. Many have applied with their families, and the growing number of renewal requests underscores their satisfaction with the safe, comfortable and convenient lifestyle Malta offers.

Malta: Where Nomads Feel at Home

Malta’s appeal lies in its unique offerings for remote workers. English as the official language eases communication, while robust broadband infrastructure, over 400 free public wifi hotspots, and nationwide 5G ensure seamless connectivity. Excellent healthcare services, helpful government services, and easy island connectivity further contribute to the feeling of being at home.

Digital nomads in Malta also benefit from a vibrant community and numerous co-working spaces, fostering networking and idea exchange. Beyond work, Malta’s rich cultural scene, outdoor activities, picturesque beaches, and diverse cuisine cater to the varied tastes of the digital nomadic lifestyle.

The Nomad Residence Permit

Eligible applicants, regardless of the sector they work in, can secure the Nomad Residence Permit given that they earn an annual income of €32,400. The straightforward online application process is also open to immediate family members, has a processing timeline of 30 working days, and requires an application fee of €300 per individual. Permits are initially granted for one year, with the possibility of renewal, allowing for a maximum three-year stay. if applicants still meet the Programme’s eligibility criteria, including passing a background check.

Life in Malta Beyond Nomadism

For those enamoured with Malta and looking to transition from nomadism to entrepreneurship, the government offers support for setting up new businesses. The Malta Startup Residence Programme provides a facilitated migratory pathway for non-EU founders, co-founders, and core employees interested in a 3+5-year residency.

Whether seeking a temporary remote work haven or laying down entrepreneurial roots, Malta proves to be a welcoming destination for digital nomads and aspiring business owners alike.

All details about the Nomad Residence Permit can be found at For details on the Startup Residence Programme click here.