Kresus launches curated DApp marketplace on Polygon

In today’s rapidly evolving blockchain landscape, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a platform where users can safely explore Web3 and decentralized applications (DApps). This makes it tougher to figure out what’s truly valuable amid the constant influx of new DApps and NFT projects. That’s why Web3 SuperApp Kresus decided to step in and create a space where only the top-tier, dependable projects take the spotlight, cutting through the clutter and noise.

Today, Kresus announced the launch of Kresus Marketplace, a curated marketplace that serves as a gateway to Polygon projects but also serves as a portal to explore the extensive Polygon ecosystem has to offer. The company also took to X (formerly Twitter) to formally announce the launch.

“Unveiling The #Kresus Marketplace: A Curated Marketplace To Explore What Polygon Has to Offer! The world of crypto can be overwhelming, so we made the Kresus Marketplace to make navigating it easier and more accessible!” Kresus said in a post on X.


What’s Kresus Marketplace?

Kresus Marketplace is a secure environment of carefully curated projects designed to elevate your Web3 experience. With the Kresus SuperApp as a guide, users can delve into a plethora of fresh blockchain-powered possibilities, spanning from gaming ventures to tangible on-chain real-world assets. Every project showcased here has been personally chosen by the dedicated Kresus team, ensuring a curated collection for your enjoyment and exploration.

Built with the intent of finding a needle in a haystack, Kresus Market serves as a link between the familiar Web3 encounter and the more conventional Web2 marketplaces. Its carefully curated structure is intended to assist SuperApp users in navigating the potential maze of assets and projects residing on the Polygon blockchain. By providing this curated approach, it aims to simplify the process of distinguishing valuable entities from the perceived chaos in the ecosystem.

According to the announcement, users of the Kresus SuperApp, a universal wallet and portal to all things web3, will now be able to easily navigate the Polygon ecosystem and interact with its most popular dApps.

In addition to Kresus Marketplace, the blockchain startup also announced the launch of a number of additional tools for enhancing access to the Polygon ecosystem. These include Kresus Connect, a Web3 portal for SuperApp and an SDK that will enable selected Polygon projects and dApps to offer Kresus wallet connection. This will drive more users to their respective platforms while giving Kresus users greater access to the best projects on Polygon

Alongside the Kresus Marketplace, Kresus also unveiled a number of additional tools for enhancing access to the Polygon ecosystem. Among these is Kresus Connect—a dedicated Web3 gateway for SuperApp users—coupled with an SDK enabling handpicked Polygon projects and dApps to seamlessly integrate with Kresus wallets. This strategic maneuver not only promises to attract an increased user base to individual platforms but also extends Kresus users’ reach, granting them expanded entry to the finest ventures within the Polygon domain.

So far this year, KresusLabs has left a notable mark on the Web3 arena. The year kicked off with a significant achievement—an impressive $25 million funding round led by Cameron Winklevoss in the initial days of March. Following this triumph, the launch of their groundbreaking “SuperApp” in May further solidified their presence in the Web3 landscape.

To date, Polygon stands as the premier hub for dApps, including sectors like DeFi, GameFi, digital identities, and social networks. This benefits Kresus users, granting them access to a varied selection of dApps that leverage Polygon’s extensive ecosystem.

Commenting on the launch of Kresus Marketplace, Polygon’s Ravikant Agrawal said: “Polygon Labs is excited for the launch of the curated Kresus Marketplace. The Kresus SuperApp is emerging as one of the most innovative and easy-to-use wallets and their team has taken that same approach with their marketplace. Projects within the Polygon ecosystem will now have the opportunity to engage an entirely new audience from within the Kresus community, opening unprecedented avenues of introduction and growth.”

“Polygon is the core around which much of the innovation and opportunities emerging in Web3 have coalesced. Integrating Polygon into Kresus Marketplace was a natural decision supporting everything we are building towards with the Kresus SuperApp. With the support of Polygon Labs, we’ve created a dApp explorer that is intuitive and accessible, allowing users to discover the many faces of Web3 and make them part of their daily lives,” said Trevor Traina, CEO and Founder of KresusLabs.

The integration of a dedicated dApp store into the Kresus SuperApp streamlines web3 exploration, offering a user-friendly environment similar to web2 while reducing the complexities of on-chain interactions for a safer and richer experience.

To accompany the Kresus Marketplace launch, Kresus is unveiling supplementary tools for Polygon ecosystem access, including Kresus Connect and an SDK for Polygon projects’ Kresus wallet integration. This dual approach boosts user engagement for both platforms.

From metaverse exploration to digital identity minting, Kresus users can now seamlessly explore the Polygon ecosystem without the need to export account details. The Kresus Marketplace empowers SuperApp users with easy access to the finest Polygon offerings through simple clicks.