Beyerdynamic announces the MMX 200 – its first-ever wireless gaming headset

beyerdynamic is a very well-known premium audio company that makes some of the best gear on the planet. The company jumped into the gaming segment a while back and now is back with its first-ever wireless gaming headset, the MMX 200.

The debut wireless gaming headset draws on nearly 100 years of beyerdynamic’s pro-audio experience with headphones and mics – used by some of the most revered professional gamers in history. beyerdynamic’s existing MMX lineup provides gamers with studio-level sound for a competitive advantage. MMX 200 wireless offers that same competitive advantage – now in a fully wireless package without compromise. The all-new MMX 200 wireless is available today, exclusively on the beyerdynamic shop, for $249.00. Link below. Here’s what the company’s press release had to say.

beyerdynamic MMX 200
Superior beyerdynamic Sound. Now Without Wires.

The MMX 200 wireless uses dynamic 40mm high-performance drivers that deliver powerful bass, clear mids, and detailed highs – perfect for recreating every in-game effect with vivid audio playback. At its core, MMX 200 wireless uses custom-built, sensitive drivers to increase impulse response and detail across the extended frequency range. An integrated digital signal processor (DSP) adds another layer of processing to the closed-back headphones, creating an even more powerful sound for the ultimate gaming experience.

A detachable boom mic with an integrated 9mm capsule has gamers sounding like they’re recording in a podcast studio. Designed with an electret condenser capsule, the MMX 200’s wireless boom mic provides higher max sound pressure levels (SPL), wider response, and less noise – all while being more power efficient than other gaming mics.

“World-class gamers have relied on classic beyerdynamic studio headphones for years, despite not being purpose-built for gaming,” said beyerdynamic’s CEO Andreas Rapp. “With MMX 200 wireless, we’ve used all of our collective experience and expertise to create a dedicated wireless gaming headset, that’s also the perfect companion for gamers while not gaming.”

Connectivity and Comfort. Confirmed.

beyerdynamic announces the MMX 200 - its first-ever wireless gaming headset 

Like gamers, remote and virtual workers rely on constant connectivity to get the job done. The versatile MMX 200 wireless includes the latest in audio codecs, industry-leading BLUETOOTH® 5.3, a LOW LATENCY wireless adapter, and a HYBRID MODE for simultaneous analog and BLUETOOTH® connection. The high-quality materials and components, light but sturdy clamping force, and 28mm earpads with memory foam padding keep the MMX 200 wireless comfortably on your head for hours at a time. And, a large capacity battery will keep gamers gaming for more than 35 hours, with real playtime for closer to 40–50 hours, including idle periods.

MMX 200 wireless can be charged while in use, so it’s always working when you are. The minimalist design and focus on quality audio and connectivity features give gamers and at-home workers exactly what they need to perform at their best – no distracting gimmicks or battery-draining RGB lights. Like the other latest MMX headphone models, each component – from earpads to mics and cables – is specifically designed to last, and be easily replaceable when the time comes.

The wireless headphones come with several other dual-purpose features, perfect for both gaming and home-office use. With a single press of the volume wheel, MMX 200 wireless mutes its mic and indicates its status with an LED light on the boom arm. A longer push puts the headset into Augmented Mode (transparency mode), turning the closed-back headphones into an ambient noise-enabled headset (comparable to an open-back gaming headset). Pressing the multifunction button once will answer incoming calls while in BLUETOOTH® mode or using the LLWA. Triple pressing the multifunction button switches from LLWA connection to BLUETOOTH®, enabling connectivity with other devices.

The all-new MMX 200 wireless is available starting today in two colors (black and grey), exclusively on the beyerdynamic online shop and on Amazon, for $249.00.