Bang & Olufsen announces the wild looking Beosound A9 collab with bassist MonoNeon

Bang & Olufsen isn’t afraid to make some of the most interesting pieces of audio equipment on the market. The company seems to enjoy melding art and audio in some of its products. So when we found out that they collaborated with bassist MonoNeon on a unique limited-edition Beosound A9 speaker. We had to take a look at it.

Grammy Award-winning bassist MonoNeon is an experimental musician, and this new Beosound A9 certainly fits that mold. The company said they worked alongside MonoNeon to “reimagine” the Beosound A9 in a way that “reflects and celebrates his unique approach to music and art.”

Bang & Olufsen said they drew parallels to his signature outfits, which often incorporate patchwork embroidery, vivid color, and captivating patterns. The company says the results of the collaboration resulted in a speaker that forms an “intricate and bold composition that pays homage to the artist’s distinctive vision.”

Mono Besound A9

“Whenever I see a painting, I can interpret it musically. For some people, it may be just a picture, but I look at it thinking: “I can play that”. I wanted the speaker to be able to play without playing. Bringing me inspiration and telling me a story just by looking at it”, says MonoNeon.

MonoNeon stands out as one of the most innovative electric bass players in jazz, with his funk-infused avant-garde playing and vibrant style. He has collaborated with several renowned artists throughout his career, including Prince, Nos, Mavis Staples, George Clinton and Mac Miller, among many others. In his collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, MonoNeon’s unbridled artistry has been imbued into the Beosound A9 canvas, reflecting a shared legacy with Bang & Olufsen of going beyond boundaries and challenging the status quo to create unique design and music experiences.

The A9 is already a unique looking speaker in its own right, but now it’s even more unique. The Beosound A9 with the limited-edition cover in collaboration with MonoNeon will retail from $4,149. The limited-edition cover can also be purchased separately and will retail for $525