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Infographic: Subscriptions as a business model

The rise of subscriptions has brought about exciting and dramatic changes for the commercial world. These business models are transforming the market due to their creative layout, affordability, and ease of use for users. With an average of 3.7 subscriptions per person, 61 million users in the United States alone are taking

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T-Mobile is forcing some subscribers to a more expensive plan

If it’s not one thing, it’s another with T-Mobile. From constant data breaches to a merger with Sprint to now, forcing customers’ plans to be upgraded. T-Mobile will start sending out text messages to “a small portion of customers and business accounts” informing them that they will automatically switch their accounts to a

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Infographic: The virtual realities of not using cash

Cash is already beginning to fade into obsolescence. Gone are the days when most major transactions were paid with bills and coins. As most of our shopping shifts to taking place online, digital payments will become a requirement and not merely a technological novelty. This trend is already beginning to

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SoundMAGIC announces its P60BT Hybrid ANC headphones

SoundMAGIC has announced global availability of its P60BT Hybrid ANC headphones with 40mm drivers, aptX HD, Hybrid ANC, and 50-hours of playback time. With an attractive and affordable price of £99.99/$189.96/€149 these headphones hit the right note for many headphone buyers out there. The P60BT has been developed to deliver

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Plugable unveils trio of charging accessories

Plugable has been around for some time now, and we’ve reviewed a number of their products and docking stations. Recently, they jumped into the charging space with a 140W USB-C GaN Power Adapter and are back with three more charging accessories for your devices. The new lineup features a 30W USB-C

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